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              Ellis Tim Ringle is a multimedia artist working out of Madison, Wisconsin and Providence, Rhode Island. They are a senior at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) studying sculpture. Their art is a blend of the dark and macabre with the sweet and humorous. With a background in anatomical study and engineering, their work often focuses on technical skills and precision, as well as exploring ideas of beauty, history, and the goth aesthetic. Tim is fascinated by subjects including birds, bones, forensics, decomposition, scoliosis, mechanical motion, apparel, wearable sculpture, their personal history and the natural world. Tim strives for crisp, clean and precise aesthetics, juxtaposed with warm and chaotic maximalism to spark a sense of curiosity in their viewers. They have always had a love for curio cabinets and often showcase them in their work. Both collection as a means of storytelling and the building of environments feature heavily in their art, which often employs audience participation and hands-on engagement. Casting, moldmaking, blacksmithing, wood turning, charcoal drawing and digital collage are among their favorite mediums, with a special interest in stop motion animation. Now buckle in babes and explore the curiositorium!

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