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  • Do you take commissions?
    Yes! I take commissions on painting, photography, design, sculpture, woodworking, jewelry, repair work, drawing & collage. If you're not sure if what you need done fits into any of those, feel free to reach out! I will also do short animations or video work.
  • How much do commissions cost?
    I work based on a sliding scale depending on the client's budget, the size of the work, and medium. For hourly rates or a set price talk to me with what you're thinking! As an example, the commission I'm currently working on is $20 an hour for sketching/prep work, and $30 an hour for actual painting, for a projected total of $1,200 for a 30 x 66" piece.
  • How do I book a commission?
    Reach out to me at 608-772-7851, or my email at
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